The Effect of House Cleaners on Keeping Ants In Their Environment


  • Rajiv Patel Texas A&M
  • Louis Hall
  • Harrison Field
  • Haydn Scherry


This experiment was designed to determine which household cleaner is most effective at providing a chemical barrier in which ants would not cross. The four household cleaners that were tested included a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water, Comet powder, 409 multipurpose cleaner, and Pinesol. These were individually placed into a spray bottle and sprayed in a line across the entire doorway. It was concluded that Comet was the most effective at only letting four ants into the house during the three day testing period. Pinesol was the second most effective with ten ants , bleach/water next with fourteen, and 409 last with twenty two ants. It was concluded that the active ingredients in the cleansers may have been what kept the ants out and Comet was the best one for this particular use (all numbers have been averaged and rounded up for practical purposes).