Comparing Natural Insect Repellents Effectiveness in Preventing the House Cricket, Acheta domestica from Consuming Crops from Gardens


  • Nikko Baez Texas A&M University
  • Gianni Calderara Texas A&M University
  • Bryan Oh Texas A&M University
  • Alyssa Salazar Texas A&M University
  • Jessie Morton Texas A&M University


Acheta domestica poses a problem to agriculture and indoor living, as they feed on crops and fabrics. Preventing an infestation begins with preventing this pest from entering susceptible areas in the first place, therefore an effective repellent is necessary. Using a naturally occurring plant ensures little to no harm to the ecology around a garden, farm, or home, unlike using large, scheduled doses of pesticides. The experiment was performed within a cardboard enclosure, wherein a  food and water source were surrounded by a ring of natural repellent, which was composed of either chili powder, minced garlic, or nicotine powder. Of the three repellents, chili powder performed the best with 67% success, discouraging the cricket from approaching the food and water. Because Acheta domestica is not the only species of cricket that troubles crop production, additional experiments need to be performed to find a natural repellent that works effectively across multiple species on a larger scale.


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