Efficacy of Castile Soap at Reducing Numbers of Demodex spp. (Trombidiformes: Demodicidae) on Females


  • Maria Atanasiu Texas A&M University


Studies into the complex relationship between Demodex spp.(Trombidiformes: Demodicidae) are important as they may provide insights into the physiology of certain skin conditions. Demodex spp.is a type of mite that feeds off of the oils that are produced in the follicles and pores of the face. Normally, this relationship is harmless and mutualistic in nature. Demodicosis is a skin condition caused by overpopulation of Demodex spp., new, non-invasive treatments for demodicosis are desirable, as they could improve quality of life for individuals that have minimal access to healthcare. In this study, the effects of unscented castile soap are assessed regarding Demodex spp.populations. Liquid glue and tape were used to collect mites; the mites were then placed on a microscope slide for observation. Prior to collection, each non-control subject washed their face with castile soap. Samples were gathered over a nine day period to allow for the observation of potential trends. The results show that there were no significant differences in numbers of face mites by use of castile soap versus water.