Comparison of Fingerprints Between Genders


  • Alifa Vadsaria Texas A&M University


Fingerprints are some of the most common sources of physical evidence in forensic science. This study examined the differences and similarities between fingerprints of different sexes to determine if it is possible to infer the sex of a person based on their fingerprint. Participants in this study included students, males and females between the ages of 18-24. Participants were sent out a form which consisted of instructions on how to take their own fingerprints and questions such as their age and sex. These fingerprints were then analyzed for the pattern, number of ridges and other unique features. It was observed that factors such as ridge density, ridge count, size of the print differ between genders. This led to the conclusion that fingerprints found in crime science investigations can be compared to fingerprints in databases in order to identity these factors and help infer the gender of the person associated with the print.