Evaluating the Reproductive Rate of Aphys gossypii (Glover) (Hemiptera:Aphididae) on a Cucurbit Squash (Cucurbita spp.)


  • Michael Forgione TAMU


Aphys gossypii, commonly known as the melon aphid, is a widespread hemipteran pest of many important agricultural crops. It can be found distributed throughout the world and can cause significant economic damages for farmers and growers. There is a lack of information in the scientific literature about the actual rate of reproduction for these aphids, information which could be very valuable in protecting against losses caused by them. In this experiment, a colony of A. gossypii was monitored for a week in order to establish a baseline population growth rate in a controlled setting. The results showed that the aphids increased along a logarithmic function rather than the predicted exponential one. Overall, the experiment demonstrated that the most population growth occurred in the early days of the monitoring period.


Keywords: Aphys gossypii, melon, cotton, reproductive rate, aphid, cucurbit