Survey of Effectiveness in Catching Pest Insects in Southeast Texas Using Various Homemade Traps


  • Sean Pappolla Student


The presence of pests in Southeast Texas is not uncommon given the primarily
marsh biome it encompasses. A result of this is the nuisance that is having many insects
present near human habitations. A good portion of these insects tends to become pests
and interrupt everyday life and potentially cause disease. This study has the intent of
searching for a reliable trap to exterminate these pests in the convenience of a residential
space and its materials. Three different types of traps were used in this experiment: a
bowl filled with vinegar, plastic wrap, and side-door bottle trap. Each trap was studied for
three trials, with a total of nine traps set across three locations in Southeast Texas. Traps
were set for 24 hours each trial in a period from November 26 to November 29, 2021.
There was a total of 111 insects caught, all in the order Diptera. Among this order, there
were three families present: 109 in Drosophilidae, one in Calliphoridae, and one in
Culicidae. Insects higher in quantity and diversity found a significantly stronger attraction
to and mortality rate with the vinegar bowl trap most likely due to its ability to drown the