Observing the Meal Preference of Flies (Dipterans) With Strawberries, Spinach, and Ground Beef


  • Morgan Wilson Texas A&M University


This experiment tests the meal preferences of flies (Dipterans) in the nearby surroundings with fresh and rotten strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa), spinach (Spinacia oleracea), and ground beef. Each variable was placed onto a plate behind Clements Residence Hall at Texas A&M University and observed for an hour to obtain a sizable amount of data. A total of six sets of trials were run and analyzed through scatter plots and trendlines. The number of flies per variable was averaged and compared to one another. Rotten ground beef, ground beef, and rotten strawberries had the highest fly averages. Rotten ground beef, of the six total variables tested, was shown to be the favored meal of flies. However, the results were biased, as the trials for the strawberries were done under significantly colder conditions than that of the ground beef and spinach. It was determined that the experiment needed modifications to ensure proper analysis and to prevent bias. These modifications consist of varying the rotting period of each trial and ensuring that each trial was conducted under similar temperatures. Ideally, above 20 degrees Celsius. This would allow for all observations to be as unbiased as possible while providing more data to analyze and compare, resulting in a very decisive conclusion with little to no error.

Author Biography

Morgan Wilson, Texas A&M University

Howdy! I am a freshman at Texas A&M and major in Biomedical Sciences. I'm currently taking ENTO-208 and aim to pursue an education in Veterinary Medicine.